MobileDetect THC/CBD test differentiates between CBD and THC. Use with the MobileDetect app to automate results.

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The new CBD/THC test is engineered to differentiate between CBD and THC cannabinoids. Additionally, the MobileDetect app makes a presumptive determination if THC percentage is above or below the legal 0.3% limit. The pouch swab is used to sample hemp, hemp products, CBD products, marijuana, edibles, vape pens, hash oils and more. The reacted CBD/THC pouch is then scanned with the MobileDetect app instantly producing a detection result that can be emailed or texted directly from the app.

Title Description
Technology Automated Colorimetrics
Sampling Removable Swab for acquiring sample or particulate
Sample Type Non-Visible and Bulk
Recommended Device Latest models of Samsung or Apple device with 12MP camera or better
App Requirements Most iOS/Android Devices supported (iOS 8.0 or later). Camera flash recommended
Reporting/Logging Test info saved on app (notes, pictures, test details, time stamps, GPS/maplocation and more). PDF report generation. Sharing via email, txt, Dropbox, print, drive, etc
Substances Detected CBD / THC - Determination of THC content above the federal 0.3% limit
Operation Easy to follow operation consisting of 3 steps: Swab, Crush, and View Results. Detailed instructions supplied with pouches or found on the MobileDetect App.
Automated Detection Automated Detection and Reporting with MobileDetect App on iOS and Android.

Dct Launchdatasheet Oct1019 Rev2