Our Mission

DetectaChem’s mission is to provide all users the very best handheld explosive and narcotic detection products available.

Who We Are

Who We Are

DetectaChem is a privately-held company and manufacturer of the rapidly deployable, handheld, intelligent, and easy-to-operate detection systems. Our products enable threat detection for safety and security operations throughout the world. DetectaChem products are simple to use and maintain, yet are sophisticated in function and design. They utilize proprietary patented technology to deploy automated colorimetric analysis of extremely small traces of explosive and narcotic materials.

At DetectaChem, we pride ourselves on delivering powerful and reliable products that help make the world a safer place. We believe in supporting our customers to the fullest of our ability and ensuring quality and dependability in everything we do.

Our Customer Satisfaction Commitment

DetectaChem is committed to providing customers with superior products, services, and support. The overall experience begins with the development of high-quality products and continues with support services that exceed customer expectations. We do this because we believe customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our organization’s performance. Accordingly, our team strives to include the customer in every aspect of our business. We also employ a business-partnership model that is designed to assist in identifying the unique needs of every customer to ensure that all expectations are satisfied.