Field Drug Test Kits - MobileDetect

MobileDetect from DetectaChem is the next generation of field drug test kits. The MobileDetect Pouch allows for trace and bulk detection using the integrated swab and proven colorimetric reagents. When used with the MobileDetect App, detection becomes automated, removing subjectivity when reading the pouch for results.

Customer Testimonials:

“MobileDetect is our go-to tool for reliable presumptive drug detection including fentanyl. I believe that it is a superior product for presumptive testing in that it takes the guess work out of reading color changes, it allows our officers to conduct presumptive tests without consuming or coming in contact with the unknown substance which keeps our officers safe, we have eliminated the need to open baggies to conduct these types of tests, no injuries to my officers by glass puncturing through the test kits, its affordable, and the functionality of the app and report it generates makes mobile detect the smart choice.”

- Dennis J. Lowe
Commander, Lancaster OH Major Crimes Unit

“As an active law enforcement officer dealing with drugs and narcotics on a daily basis, the MobileDetect Multi Drug Tests are invaluable. I’m able to use the kits as a presumptive test for fentanyl, heroin, vape pens, BHO and more. The kits are easy to use and allow me to test safely generally without needing to open packaging material while being able to detect at levels that my old fashioned kits could never hit on. Every LEO in the country should be using MobileDetect in my opinion.”

- Mattie Gutwill
President, New England Narcotics Officers Association