K2/Spice and K3/-NACA Test Strip Combo Box (10 Count)


The MobileDetect K2/Spice and K3/-NACA Test Strip Combo Box is the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to detect ultra-low nanogram trace amounts of K2 and K3 on paper, surfaces and more. These highly sensitive tests can supplement and enhance our MobileDetect [DSY] Synthetic Cannabinoid Test or be a single solution solely for detection of Substances such as K2/Spice and K3/-NACA.

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The K2/Spice and K3/-NACA Test Strip from MobileDetect is a trace and bulk drug test kit for K2 and K3. High sensitivity and nanogram-level detection make it the most accurate K2 and K3 test available. The test kit can be used on its own or paired with the FREE MobileDetect App for automatic report generation, including time and date details, photo archiving, GPS location mapping and more. Results can be easily exported as a PDF file.

Download the FREE MobileDetect App for automated report generation.

How to Use the K2/Spice and K3/-NACA Test Strips


Wet the included Q-tip. Then, use it to swab the area or substance suspected to contain K2 or K3. The K2/Spice and K3/-NACA Test Strip is capable of non-visible trace detection, only requiring nanogram levels of material from packaging, surfaces or samples.

Insert K2 swab into tube


Fully insert the swab with sample into the test tube. Ensure swab is saturated with buffer solution.


Place the K2/Spice and K3/-NACA Test Strip into the test tube, making sure not to submerge it past the ‘MAX’ line. Wait 60 seconds before removing.

Analyze K2 and K3 test strip results


Analyze your results by observing the reaction lines on the K2/Spice and K3/-NACA Test Strips. One line indicates a positive reaction. Two lines indicate a negative reaction. Results can be recorded with the FREE MobileDetect App.

Your new K2/Spice and K3/-NACA test strips are here

Why MobileDetect?

MobileDetect, by DetectaChem, is the next generation of affordable drug and explosive detection and  the direct replacement for antiquated field drug tests offered by competitors such as NIK and NARK II. Coupled with the FREE MobileDetect App for detection and reporting, the MobileDetect platform is the future of presumptive field drug testing. Below are some highlights that MobileDetect has to offer.

Sample Collection

MobileDetect tests contain a removable swab for easy, safe sample collection. The removable swab allows for non-visible or ‘trace’ sampling. This means MobileDetect requires significantly less sample for accurate detection compared to the competition, keeping more of the substance intact for lab verification and evidence. The swab lets users sample a wider variety of surfaces, such as hands or even the outside of dime bags for trace residues.


Traditional field drug tests are known to rupture, causing glass shards to puncture through the test pouch, possibly cutting the user’s fingers or exposing them to potentially hazardous substances. MobileDetect is built with safety at the forefront.  

Safe sampling practices are made easy with MobileDetect. Unlike other tests, which require a sizable amount of sample to be inserted into the test pouch, MobileDetect is capable of trace residue detection. This means that a minimal amount of sample is needed for accurate results, saving the rest for evidence or future lab testing. MobileDetect’s trace sampling also keeps officers safe by limiting exposure to potentially dangerous substances, such as fentanyl.

Made to Meet Your Application

MobileDetect test kits are the direct replacement and improvement over traditional NIK and NARK II field drug pouches. For the same price you already pay now, MobileDetect offers more capability, reliability and most importantly, safety. In addition, we offer tests that go beyond the limitations of the competition and combine what would be multiple traditional tests into one, including a drug test for K2/Spice and K3/-NACA.

MobileDetect boasts a wide array of tests for every situation, giving officers the opportunity to completely customize their testing toolkit to their priorities. 


The FREE MobileDetect app from DetectaChem enables optional, automated explosive and drug reporting capabilities, increasing accountability for a complete testing solution. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and is available to download for FREE in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Reporting Capability

The FREE MobileDetect App offers an industry first: field drug testing with automated, instant result report generation. The report includes all the relevant test details, such as the result, date, time, notes, pictures, and GPS mapping of the test location. The report can then be exported as a PDF file and sent via text, email or as a cloud storage upload.  

Our Commitment to You

At DetectaChem, we are constantly expanding our testing capabilities as new detection needs arise, and we are committed to finding the perfect solution for you. Can’t find what you are looking for? Reach out directly to our dedicated team by emailing Sales@DetectaChem.com, or give us a call at (855) 573-3537, and we will be happy to assist you.

For more information on the MobileDetect K2/Spice and K3/-NACA Test Strip Combo Box, please contact us.

Powerful Detection

MobileDetect K3 / -NACA Test Strip Capabilities

The K3 / -NACA Test Strips evolve the full MobileDetect drug detection product line by adding enhanced, ultra-low nanogram K3 detection. This highly sensitive test can supplement and enhance our MobileDetect [DSY] Synthetic Cannabinoid Test or be a single solution solely for K3 detection.

The K3 / -NACA Test Strips rapidly, accurately and safely detect NACAs and its major illicit analogues, such as PINACA, FUBINACA and BUTINACA.

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