SEEKERe Survives Flooding on Government Facility

The SEEKERe is designed to be rugged and to withstand the roughest conditions. This proved true when a SEEKERe was found in working condition in a previously flooded government facility this past March.

The government facility’s flood waters reach up to 7 feet deep. A few weeks later, after the water rescinded, a SEEKERe was found buried in mud, but in working condition. We ran tests when we received the unit to make everything was in proper order, and the SEEKERe was running perfectly, despite its muddy condition.

The SEEKERe is rugged, MIL-STD 810G Compliant, FCC/CE Compliant, and IP66 Water Resistant. It’s now proven to be flood resistant as well.

Here’s the article on the actual flood:

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