Do glass ampoules break through the pouch when you crush it?

Field Drug Testing Kits are necessary whenever you’re not entirely sure what type of substance you have encountered as a police officer or a first responder, but exactly how safe are you from the drugs you are testing if a test kit’s ampoules break through the pouch? If glass breaks through the pouch, it could easily nick your finger, potentially exposing the tester to the chemicals in the kit as well as to the drug that is being tested. This poses a hazard to those using legacy test kits from other vendors that are still being deployed in the field.

DetectaChem understood this issue from the outset, which is why MobileDetect pouches are designed so that when ampoules are broken, they are unable to penetrate the plastic they are contained in, which is why we use the term “Safe Crushing Ampoules.” This removes any chance that glass could puncture through the pouch and nick the tester’s fingers. It’s safer and decreases the risk of being exposed to the drugs that are being tested.

So, we can confidently answer the question “Can the glass break through the pouch when you crush it?” with a resounding “NO!”

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