DetectaChem SEEKERe Explosive Detector Excels in Department of Defense Venue Security Evaluation

STAFFORD, Texas, Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DetectaChem, the global leader in handheld explosive and drug detection technology, today announced the publication of a white paper detailing analysis and findings following an in-depth Department of Defense evaluation of their SEEKERe handheld explosive detector specific to threat screening at security entry point

In early 2019 the SEEKERe was selected for evaluation by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) in collaboration with the National Sports Security Laboratory (NSSL) for evaluation of technologies needed to fill identified security gaps at sport and entertainment venues. The evaluation was part of a Department of Defense Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative (DPSI) contract and the resulting 145-page assessment and evaluation white paper was published by the NSSL at the University of Southern Mississippi.

A selection of evaluation criteria included:

SEEKERe obtained an overall evaluation score of 2.98/3.00 for Application, Capability, Ease of Use, Mobility, Purchasing Options, Maintenance and Environmental functionality. These scores were determined by Subject Matter Expert evaluators and comprised over 37 different evaluation criteria.

Cited debriefing evaluator comments about SEEKERe included:

Travis Kisner, Chief Operating Officer of DetectaChem said, "The SEEKERe was created and developed in conjunction with the US DOD and these test results and feedback further expand the fruition and success gained from this joint development. We are proud that the SEEKERe has been further validated and recognized as a leading tool to help keep civilians safe at venues including sporting, entertainment and high-profile events.

The evaluation white paper is Unclassified and available upon request to qualified organizations or individuals.

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