[DKE] Ketamine Test

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[DKE] Ketamine Test SKU MDD-DKE-AQR
The Ketamine Test is designed to detect the presence of Ketamine which is used as a short-acting hallucinogenic substance. Ketamine is distributed as a dried powder or as a liquid in small vials or bottles. It is snorted, smoked, ingested orally or injected. Powdered ketamine is formed from pharmaceutical ketamine by evaporating the liquid off.

The easy-to-use pouch provides industry-leading presumptive testing results. Combined with MobileDetect App, the pouch provides powerful automated results using DetectaChem’s advanced algorithms and colorimetric technology.

*Lead time will vary. Standard lead time is 1-3 weeks.
**Results obtained from the MobileDetect system are presumptive and should be confirmed using laboratory equipment as required.

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