[DHE] Heroin Test

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The Heroin Test is designed to detect trace and bulk amounts of many different substances. It is used to confirm Heroin and other opiates after the General Screening Test. See the MobileDetect App for the full list of detect substances.

The easy-to-use pouch provides industry-leading presumptive testing results. Combined with MobileDetect App, the pouch provides powerful automated results using DetectaChem’s advanced algorithms and colorimetric technology.

*Lead time will vary. Standard lead time is 1-3 weeks.
**Results obtained from the MobileDetect system are presumptive and should be confirmed using laboratory equipment as required.

Box of 10 MDD-DHE-AQR-10

$24.90 /box

Box of 100 MDD-DHE-AQR-100

$249.00 /box
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