Coming Soon! — Smartphone Testing Kit

DetectaChem, the world leader in innovative portable detection technologies, is preparing to launch a ground-breaking new COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing solution utilizing automated smartphone detection and reporting. This solution enables actionable infection result data reports anytime, anywhere.


Lab validated COVID-19 detection results in 8 simple steps.

  1. Use swab to sample interior of nasal cavity.
  2. Apply swabbed nasal samples into buffer solution.
  3. Apply buffered sample into MDBio cuvette.
  4. Apply MDBio COVID-19 test assay to samples for reaction.
  5. Heat reaction for 30 minutes with MDBio Heater.
  6. Insert heated sample cuvette into MDBio Holder.
  7. Scan QR code on MDBio Holder for automated infection results.
  8. Instantly email or text results, images, notes, GPS information.
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Feature Description
Technology Chemical assay with color reaction
Sampling Nasopharyngeal swabbing of upper nasal cavity
Detection Type Active COVID-19 RNA or DNA strains
Operation Bio sampling, buffer solution, assay exposure, heating, automated detection
Limit of Detection 500 viral load
Reporting Automated Detection and reporting with MobileDetect X App on iOS and Android
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