Presumptive Testing in the Court System

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Presumptive Testing in the Court System
April 28, 2017

In order to convict criminals of drug possession and ensure public safety, law enforcement must provide substantial evidence. Sadly, stories have been published describing how presumptive testing is used in a flawed environment, resulting in the wrongful conviction of innocent people.Court testing is designed to follow the practice of modern science, that data should always be confirmed, in the process of utilizing evidence to build substantial conviction cases. Both presumptive and confirmatory testing should be used as a standard practice in order to keep communities and individuals safe. Presumptive and confirmatory testing work together to ensure that a person is indeed carrying an illegal substance at the scene.

Tools such as MobileDetect Pouch by DetectaChem provide law enforcement with a deeper understanding of the substances that individuals may possess. With MobileDetect Pouch, the officer begins by swabbing a surface, then using firm pressure to crush the pouch, activating a chemical reaction that can be read based on its color (colorimetric technology.) MobileDetect Pouch provides industry-leading detection results to help law enforcement detect the chemical compounds of drugs in trace and bulk amounts. The officer would then use MobileDetect App to confirm the results in an unbiased manner. The Application uses QR scan technology and automated colorimetric analysis to document analytical results (using a graph).

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