Explosive Detection

Explosive Detection

We live in a world that is in flux. Power struggles, civil unrest, and a desire for radicals to do harm to the enemy and the innocent as well, dominate our headlines. As uprisings escalate and people disperse for their own safety, or to spread harm, there is a need to determine which is which. Highly trained experts cannot be everywhere at once. The SEEKERe provides a way to enhance the abilities of a border crossing guard or at the boarding point of a ship or aircraft without the need for an explosives expert. Very quickly, and with minimal training, an official can collect a sample and determine the potential threat of the person and their belongings by the detection of the smallest trace of explosives. Law enforcement, military entities, or even private security firms now have the ability to set a precedence of security, and proactively screen out threats with the SEEKERe. This is an invaluable resource, and with detection in just seconds, one that should be in the hands of as many end users as possible.

Explosives Detected

  • Nitroaromatics (EX: TNT, TNB, DNT, DNB, Tetryl)
  • Nitramines (EX: HMX, RDX, PETN, SEMTEX, EGDN)
  • Nitrate Esters (EX: Pyrodex/Triple 8, Gunpowder, Nitroglycerin (NG))
  • Inorganic Nitrates (EX: Ammonium Nitrate, Urea Nitrate)
  • Chlorates (EX: Sodium Chlorate, Potassium Chlorate)
  • Peroxides (EX: TATP, HMTD)
  • Perchlorates (EX: Sodium Perchlorate)
  • GunShot Residue (Lead) (GSR Test for lead)
  • And Others


  • Military
  • Entry Control and Checkpoints
  • Building and Asset Protection
  • EOD/Bomb Squads
  • Law Enforcement and Hazmat
  • Event and Private Security
  • Customs Agents and Border Patrol
  • Explosive Detection
  • Us Navy
    Lt. Andrew Scott performs a post-blast analysis after the detonation of an improvised explosive device (IED).
  • Explosive Detection